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Its not just guys that need their fix sometimes! On a quiet weekend morning, youll step into the shoes of Avery Black in this female POV video as you go bored out of your skull with your roommate and BFF Vanessa Vega. Social media just isnt cutting it and all the scrolling in the world cant keep you entertained, but it isnt long before you decide to take your pleasure into your own hands (and mouth!) and take Vanessa out for a little adventure to the local construction site. And there they are... a couple of horny guys with thick, rock-hard cocks ready to make your weekend by fucking the daylights out of you and your roommate!...
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Sexy MILF Cherie has got in financial difficulty with her husband. They have borrowed money from a very dangerous man and now they can’t pay it back. Cherie thinks she will be able to talk him into buying them some more time. When she arrives, he tells her and her husband that there’s only one way he will give her what she wants. Her ass is spanked until it is red raw while her husband listens on the phone, before she is taken upstairs where the spanking continues. He eats out her ass first, and after she has slobbered and gagged over his big dick, and he has serviced her super wet pussy, making her cum, he lets her know her ass is what he is really craving. She’s never been fucked in the ass before but she will do anything she needs to. Soon he is banging her tight hole hard and making her pussy bulge as he does it! When she rides him, her ass is stretched wide open and it creams all over his dick. He finishes by banging her butt from behind, and depositing his load straight over her face. Debt paid....
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Trinity is up on the pedistal, but somehow through the magic of movie making, her clothes are back on. The Cocksmen are quick to fix that continuity error as Trinity gets naked again quickly. While she is definitely the M.V.P. of the gangbang today, she also wins the M.E.P. award today for "Most Eaten Pussy." The Cocksmen can't seem to get enough of Trinity's tasty hole. It's rare when ALL FIVE COCKSMEN go down on a gangbang queen, but today is one of those special days. Chris even goes back for seconds! All that oral action gets Trinity's legs shaking before the first cock even slips inside her. It doesn't take too long, though, as Alex takes the first tour inside Trinity. The rest of the guys all soon follow suit. They play a game we invented in Vegas, based on the roulette wheel. We like to call it "Three Pump Wheel of Fortune" where each guy takes three strokes (or maybe more), then spins the girl around to the next guy until she has made it all the way around the circle. There are no losers in this game. Next Trinity takes a satisfying ride on Eddie before her legs start to give out. She is able to rest those leg muscles as she transitions to her favorite position, doggy with Randy as the creampies start filling her. Load #1 gets shot inside Trinity courtesy of Mr. Denmark. We even get to see a little squirt action as Trinity pushes the 'pie out for the cameras. Eddie drops creampie #2 in Trinity while she straddles the bench on her stomach. Creampie #3 is a #RogueLoad, followed up quickly by a Russian flyby creampie from Alex. The last internal creampie comes from Chris after a little of his signature wall-fucking with Trinity, but she also gets a bonus load #6 on her face from Eddie. Trinity really got a gold star performance out of all five of her Cocksmen today. It probably wasn't too difficult, considering how hot she is and what great energy she gives off. We definitely need to have Trinity back for a second round with more guys and more loads. Do you agree? Tell us in the comments and we'll see you again soon for next week's installment on GangbangCreapie.com!...
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Hello Everyone.. this is definitely one of my best clips ever. This was shot a few weeks ago in Florida with this brand new Pound Piece that has decided to try out porn. The great thing about this young woman is shes a natural freak but she has the personality of a normal/regular chick. This was her second shoot ever (she had done her first one the day before) and her third shoot is my clip #18-61. The whole video is slightly over an hour but Im still going to charge the normal $14.99 rate. The shoot ends in a creampie. She likes it rough so I delivered that in a few choice parts. This was a great day. Super fun. Enjoy!...
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