Hardcore Defloration
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Help Me and I'll Suck Your Dick!
When Missy Luv’s needs her boyfriend’s help, she doesn’t stop at anything. Her boyfriend is relaxing in his bed when Missy Luv comes up to him with her notebook and pen and asks for assistance. Sure, he can help her, but he doesn’t want to do that because he just wants to enjoy his time in bed. Finally, Missy Luv saddles him, takes his pants off and gives him a blowjob that makes him forget about his comfy bed, his relaxation and plans to enjoy a short nap later....
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Come Closer
Anissa Kate was bored to tears reading outside, wishing a hot guy would come by and liven up her day. Good thing her friend Matt was creeping up behind her, hoping to play a little trick on her. When she caught him in the act of spying on her big boobs, Anissa invited him to come down and join her. Anissa wasted no time pulling Matt in close for a kiss, then undid her top so he could squeeze and fondle her melons. Matt sucked on her nipples, then reached a hand to her crotch to feel how hot and bothered she was. After sucking on his hard cock, Anissa bent over to get fucked from behind for some hot outdoor anal sex!...
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