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Hello Everyone.. this is definitely one of my best clips ever. This was shot a few weeks ago in Florida with this brand new Pound Piece that has decided to try out porn. The great thing about this young woman is shes a natural freak but she has the personality of a normal/regular chick. This was her second shoot ever (she had done her first one the day before) and her third shoot is my clip #18-61. The whole video is slightly over an hour but Im still going to charge the normal $14.99 rate. The shoot ends in a creampie. She likes it rough so I delivered that in a few choice parts. This was a great day. Super fun. Enjoy!
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Bella Jane Naive Blonde Helps Black Stranger Into Her Asshole
So me and my folks just moved into this new town and it's wayyyyy different from the hood I'm used to. 1st off it's fuckin clean. No trash blowin down the streets like tumble weed, no addicts running around...shii's nice. And the people kinda nice too! Smiling, sayin hi, askin if I need help...police rolled past and just smiled and waved at me! Like WTF??? People don't even lock they doors at night! Feel like I'm in the fuqin twilight zone....
DickDrainers on Jul 04, 2022
Paige's 6th Gloryhole Visit
Paige is back in the Gloryhole booth and this was a messy one! This girl is an absolute freak and this is exactly where she belongs. When we met up beforehand she said "Oh God Dave, I really need this!" I didn't know exactly what she meant until we got into the booth and her freakiness came out. She was extremely horny today for some reason and needed to get laid badly. She was favoring her ass this time and let a bunch of guys fuck her horny hole. She even jumped back and fourth a few times between her ass and mouth because in her frenzy she couldn't decide which hole she wanted filled....
GloryholeSwallow on Jul 04, 2022
Adventures of a Lucky Burglar
Your whole life you’ve always got by somehow. However, you got tired of not gaining and achieving more financially... Such a brilliant, creative mind like yours... You definitely deserve more. So you decided to try becoming a burglar. A lucky one, of course. Just taking a few away from people who are too rich. And you know what they say? More hands, more stash, so you found yourself a business partner for your first break-in as well....
LifeSelector on Jul 04, 2022