Wild Fantasy
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Gorgeous Zazie is lying in bed, masturbating, as Sandra Shine’s hot lesbian movie “Wild Fantasy” begins. Sitting near the open window, her sexy brunette neighbor Sarah Cute can’t help but hear her moans, unaware that the horny blonde is picturing them together. In Zazie’s dreams, they are both naked, and Sarah is sucking her nipples, then kissing her way down her silky skin. Sarah eats Zazie’s shaved pussy skilfully, lapping at her wet folds to give her a powerful orgasm. Sarah straddles Zazie’s face, gasping with pleasure as Zazie squeezes her lovely breasts and tongue-fucks her pussy. She dismounts and Zazie continues eating her, until she quivers through an intense climax. Back in reality, curious Sarah knocks over a plant as she tries to peer through the window. Startled by the noise, Zazie gets up and takes a shower, still glowing from her orgasmic fantasy as she soaps up her beautiful body.
Tags: Sarah Cute Zazie S Lesbian Barefoot Bathroom Breasts Brunette Indoors Masturbation FullHD 1080p Cast: Sarah Cute, Zazie S
Website: VivThomas
Date added: May 19, 2021 Runtime: 00:19:12
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Punish Me Now
Sata Jones knows that she is in big trouble. She was tasked with taking her boss’ expensive sports car to get it detailed. On the way back, she was in a bad accident and while she was not hurt, the car is totaled. He loves that car and Sata knows that he is going to be beyond angry. Luckily, she has a plan. During her duties, Sata has seen the kind of VR porn her boss likes to browse and knows just how to stay out of trouble. She presents herself to him in a very short dress and hands over some black rope for him to tie her up with. Once her wrists are bound, she starts to tell him about the car, but he stops her by putting his fingers in her mouth. What she has to say can wait. He wants to see how well she can suck. When she passes the test, he replaces his fingers with his cock. Knowing that she has to make him very happy, Sata does her best, taking him deep and using her tongue in every way she knows. He leaves her hands tied and turns her around to fuck her pussy from behind. It turns her on more than she thought it would and when he finally frees her hands, she bounces on his big cock enthusiastically. He lets her cum on top before asking her to tell him what she did. After her confession, he is not angry but makes her get on top again. This time he thrusts up inside of her until he shoots his big creamy load. He lets her go, giving her back the ropes and telling her that she will be working off his car repairs after-hours for as long as he commands....
DarkRoomVR on Dec 05, 2022
Czech VR 288 - Sneaky French Psychologist
You are feeling down for some time and think you're not good enough for anyone. Well, not you exactly, but your avatar in our grand new VR experience. What helps is regular visits at one of the hottest female psychologist you ever met. You had no idea she developed feelings for you as well and now she's finally ready to reveal them and make you feel like a man once again! We never put lessons in our videos, but this one has it - never despair. You never know which hot babe is falling for you at this very moment......
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Cum To Your Senses
Jake Adams is into all kinds of spiritual experimentation and his stepsister Kyler Quinn is sick of it. When she walks in on Jake in a meditative trance, Kyler initially believes that he's faking it. She tries to snap him out of it by flashing her tits at him. Her pussy comes next, but sitting there masturbating still has no impact on Jake.Determined now to get into Jake's head, Kyler pulls out his dick and strokes it to hardness. She leans forward and starts sucking, enjoying the taste of her stepbro's man meat as she works to get his attention. Now that she has a nice hard fuck stick in front of her, Kyler decides to take advantage by turning around and sliding down onto his cock for a bald pussy stiffie ride. Liking how her stepbrother feels indie her, Kyler gets on her hands and knees and does all the work for a doggy style coupling.Eventually Jake comes out of his trance when Kyler stops riding him. He points out that she needs to make him cum, and she eventually agrees as long as he in turn agrees to not do his woo woo act in the living room ever again. Keeping up her end of the bargain, Kyler hops back onto Jake's dick. Then she falls onto her back so Jake can pound that pussy right in the middle of the living room until he pulls out and gives her a cumshot all over her stomach....
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Super risky POV public facial
The minute I saw this public park in Holland, I knew what I had to do. Sucking cock in public is always a thrill. Part of me wants to be caught by a horny man so I can help him cum as well... the other part is so nervous it's exhilarating! There were hundreds of people within 50 yards of me, with lot's of pathways from all angles with people using them every minute or two. This truly was the most risky thing I have done yet. I was able to get enough wanking and sucking done to receive a hot and impressive cumshot all over my face, which I had to show off by parading around the park for a few minutes....
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