I Deserve Everything You Give Me!
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Cali Caliente is a boss bitch. You know, one of those incredibly hot girls who not only knows they are attractive but has an attitude to match. Cali also knows that you get off on her attitude and being bossed around. It is a perfect situation. Cali Caliente gets to spend your money out shopping while you get to feel her tight pussy wrap around your cock when she gets home. Nobody is getting caught up in the "feels" and you both get what you want out of the situation. To top it off, Cali Caliente is an absolute freak in bed and always lets you cum deep inside of her pussy. Whoever said you cannot have it all has not met the beautiful Cali Caliente.
Tags: Cali Caliente Hardcore 3D Creampie Ebony Lingerie Tattoos Brunette Cumshot Pussylick Cowgirl Reverse Cowgirl VR UltraHD/2K 1440p Cast: Cali Caliente
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Date added: May 14, 2022 Runtime: 00:46:36
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Eviction And Dick Addiction
When MILF Emily Addisons man cannot pay for their house anymore, it looks like their whole family is going to get kicked out on the street. They argue furiously as they mull over the eviction notice that has been left on their front door. Super thick Anna Blaze hears them going at it, so she comes downstairs to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe she can say something that will ease their troubles. Her stepdads girlfriend reveals they are having financial problems, but instead of getting sad, Anna starts to smile. That is when she reveals that she has been making a ton of money selling pictures of her sexy body on the internet! Annas stepdad is shocked. He cannot believe little Anna has such a dirty side hustle. Emily is not sure what to make of it either. Secretly, she is a little turned on by the idea of Anna getting naked for the camera. And when Anna shows them the numbers, the results are undeniable. Suddenly her stepdads anger becomes curiosity. Maybe if they all sell pictures and videos together, they can make enough to keep their house after all. It takes a little convincing, but soon Emily and Annas stepdad are on board. They are going to make some real family porn. Anna exposes her fat natural tits and Emily peels off her sexy lingerie to get down on her knees and suck her mans cock. They share his dick, and Anna can barely believe she is going down on her stepdad! The sex gets intense as the pervy guy penetrates Annas pussy, and delivers stroke after stroke of hard cock. She moans intensely and then watches as he bones Emily into orgasmic oblivion. Then, the family gets even closer as he spurts a steaming load of cum all over their tongues. Looks like these three are not getting evicted any time soon....
TeamSkeet/FamilyStrokes on May 22, 2022
I Can't Afford The Packages
Hey guys,Tall ebony bombshell Serena walked into my parlor a few days ago to get a free massage. She's a single mom and doesn't think she'll be able to afford to come back after the free session. Me, I don't think she'll be able to resist coming back after I'm done with her! This gal's got some great long legs that I work up and down as I inch my way closer to her hot barely-covered pussy. And if you think her legs are big, wait until you see the giant rack I get to rub my hands all over. And those huge tits are all natural, which just drives me nuts, I can't get enough of natural huge tits like those. So I do the civil thing and offer her some alternative pricing for the massage packages -- namely, massaging my package! We end up coming to an arrangement that I think turned out quite beneficial for both of us....
TrickySpa/FantasyMassage on May 22, 2022